What is Extremism?

Honor killing is a deplorable act. Killing one’s family because you dislike what they are doing in my mind is worse then killing a stranger. Not by much but just a little worse.

People are disillusioned to believe that honor killing is solely a Muslim problem but as recent events have proven this is not so. Now there are several examples of this but none MSM has spent any time on like they have with Christy Sheats.

When reading about the horrific events and why the mother killed her two daughter a few things stand out. One she was a racist to the extent she would kill her children because they slept with black men. Remember racism is dead according to a conversation I was having recently with a group of anti black lives matter folks. The other is how of course she is being labeled as “CRAZY.”

First off of course she is nuts only a crazy person could kill someone let alone your children but every one that kills for no reason is as well regardless of the reasons they lie to themselves about. This is a deliberate action that when any non Muslim commits a crime that is of a terrorist nature, honor killing, or FGM they are immediately reported as crazy while Muslims are reported as sane and doing it because their religion says to. This of course does several things in the mindset of those who sit in front of their T.V.’s and wait for the MSM news to feed you your opinion. Sets an opinion that when told enough becomes truth and no matter of facts can dissuade you from this opinion.

christy-sheats-12-e1466951298752It also is setting a future opinion that is only a benefit to the establishment that white people are crazy! That’s right white people are crazy and there for don’t need guns because they are unstable and will go on school. mall. or movie theater shooting sprees. They will kill family members for sleeping with people of a different race. They will behead because Jesus told them to as the man who calls himself the angel of death did. They will do it because it is what the bible calls for. This is what is being said in the after math of Christy Sheats murder of her daughters as the article below shows.

Also while I know she has surviving family that love and miss her by why is there a Facebook page of remembering Christy Sheats but not her 2 daughters? The the number of people commenting on there about how she has done God’s work? So you can sit back and allow the vilification of Muslims with the blatant broad brush of stereo typing but remember you are as well and when they are done with Muslims who do you think they will move on to next?

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