Wake Up ‘Merica Show 03/01/2016

Discovering An American Muslim & An Irish Catholic

984_1702608990005788_3678504659381060327_nA Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica gives you a perspective on the current affairs of our nation and world while looking through the eyes of an American Muslim and an Irish Catholic. Since our government has made a mockery or a joke out of our nation, and it seems that comedy is the only thing that 84.1% of American people truly comprehend, the host use it to expose the real truth. The topics discussed range from the small conveniences in life to the major atrocities that our nation is facing.

Isa is a Muslim American activist fighting for the rights of all Americans and the preservation of the constitution. Yes, Isa is a Muslim but he is far more than just his religion. He is a father of 3 boys and owns a family medical clinic in the urban area where they do free health clinics for various churches and rallies in his community.

Common Cal is Irish Catholic, which balances Isa. Cal’s love and intrigue for politics stems back to when he was very politically active back in high school and college. Again more than just being defined by his religious beliefs, Cal has done many exciting things, which most of us only dream about. Common Cal is a single father of five children. As if that does not keep him busy enough he has been a mechanic and custom car designer/builder for 31 years. Cal is also the owner of three businesses, and has two Bachelor Degrees, one in Business Marketing and one in Micro Computer Technologies.

Isa and Common Cal are not blinded by their faiths. They utilize them to find common ground to discuss the atrocities facing our nation and expose the truth. Religious beliefs should not divide us, but should bring us closer.

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Growing up in a small little town was a unique experience. Being out as a gay male was not a wise decision being amongst loggers and farmers. Things in my personal life made it necessary for me to move to a bigger and more accepting community, Thanks in part to a very good friend and his wife, this was made possible. The move as been very exciting; but scary and overwhelming at times. Although, my family knew I was gay the acceptance of my lifestyle felt more like "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" as they still made snide comments and jokes about gays in general. Being in my new surrounding and learning to be comfortable in my own skin while being introduced to others that embrace who they are has made me feel like a kid in a candy store but also like I need to hide behind someone out of the sense of needing security. As part of my exploration process, while using my experience as a radio announcer, my friend and I do a podcast every Thursday night addressing a variety of topics. I am the voice opposite Dru on The Druth. Taking yet another step in discovering and accepting who I am I launched “Loki’s Closet,” a weekly radio show on the “We Resisters Radio Network” covering topics that the LGTBQ community face on a daily basis. I am always seeking topics and ask for your help in this endeavor, what topics do you think I should talk about? Is there a topic that you think should be brought more to the forefront? I am also the moderator for “The Only Thing ‘Straight’ Here Is the Truth” a FaceBook group and also write a blog under the same title. It is my hope to educate and inspire people. I will accomplish this by sharing my personal experiences and hopefully having each of you share yours. As with anything in life not all topics discussed will be positive, however they will make you think. You cannot have the good without also acknowledging the uncomfortable issues. One person cannot make a very impactful change by themselves, however together as a team or family people will take notice.

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