American-flag-distressVideos shared by Isa, Common Cal and anyone in the battle to ‘Wake Up’ the sheeple.  We are in great danger of loosing our Freedoms and Liberties due to people’s ignorance, hatred, racism that allow and create divisions among ourselves.  We need to quit believing the misinformation blasted by mainstream media, and realize that just because we look different, have different beliefs or even lead different lifestyles doesn’t make one person better than another.  The foundation of our contry was not established as a higher Archy system, bur rather on equality.  What happened to “We The People?” and “Being Equal”? as stated by our fore fathers, the Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and The Bill Of Rights?  Until we are able to set aside our differences (even if just for a moment) and unite to reclaim our nation we will become slaves once again, not just a single race this time, but everybody!!!

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On Tuesday July 7th, our guest on A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica was Tom Trento of the United West. Tom frequently goes toe to toe with Muslim Brotherhood representatives exposing their radical agenda to the public and elected officials (as a paid provocateur, which he make no bones about talking about his fancy car). Tom deems himself an expert in Muslims, and believes they are all radical and terrorists, yet he has only studied from one book and has never traveled to any countries where Muslim’s reside. Fulfilling our agreement with Tom, Isa did an interview on Tom’s show (which is prerecorded and then aired at a later date, no doubt so he and his zionist producers can creatively edit to fit their form of the truth). Listen to how rapidly and abruptly the change topics as Isa schools them on the actual truth. It should be noted that they radio broadcasted as well as taped it for a TV show, however we were not allowed to see their video feed, even though they said we would.