MD Alam

MD AlamMD Alam was born and raised in Bangladesh. After graduating high school, Alam attended the National University and earned his degree in Biology in 1995. His father, a veterinary surgeon, worked for the Bangladeshi government for 20 years. Inspired by his father’s example, he decided to get involved in politics as a young adult. His experiences as a politically active student led him to pursue a second bachelor’s degree, this time in political science. He spent three years following University teaching science in a High School and at a Divisional Police School in his hometown of Khulna. Alam began law school in 1997 but had to quit after one year when he realized he could not balance school with his political and teaching duties. In 1999 MD Alam went back to school to finish up is master’s degree in CIS.


In 2000 and joined the U.S. Army. He was on active duty for over five years, and spent a portion of that time stationed in Germany. Alam was assigned to Logistical Operations and Supply Chain Operations for Air Defense Artillery. Alam is a veteran of Iraq war and honorably discharged in 2005. He worked at the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City, Imagine Renaissance Academy, Derrick Thomas Academy where he taught algebra, calculus, and personal finance. Alam was the Director of International Business for P/Strada for one year before taking the post of CEO of Minority Directed Small Business in 2007. Since then, he has served as CEO for MDSBIZ Providing Senior Leadership in Business Corporation.


Alam is part of the North American Bangladeshi Association for Bangladesh (NABAB) and is the Chairman for the US National Democratic Party Asian-American Caucus. Alam is the Founder of Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus and a member of the board of director of South-East Asian Chamber of Commerce in Kansas City, MO.


Alam is the Founder and Chairman of American Muslim Political Action Committee – AMPAC and Chairs the Million Muslim March Against Fear which was changed to Million American March Against Fear – MAMAF on 9/11/13 in the National Mall in Washington DC. Alam and AMPAC was able to get a permit  of 1000 people from the National Parks Services – NPS and successfully finished the MAMAF with lots of National and International media attention however with low turnout of few hundreds. But on the twelfth anniversary of 9/11’s Rally and March message of Establishing Peace, Harmony and Justice and Standing Against Fear, United in Courage for the Solidarity of Humanity reached more than millions of people world-wide.

On May 16, 2015 MD Alam, the National Chairman of U.S. National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus announced his candidacy for upcoming 2016 U.S. Senate race in Missouri. Alam is the founder of American Muslim Political Action Committee – AMPAC  and  a veteran of Iraq war. In 2012 Washington Free Beacon titled Alam as the Secretary of Truth because of Alam’s vocal question about 9/11 and it’s official story. Here is the official youtube video announcement of Alam’s senate race. Alam will face Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander in the 2016 Missouri Democratic Primary. For more details here is the official Ballotpedia Profile for MD Alam.


Growing up in a small little town was a unique experience. Being out as a gay male was not a wise decision being amongst loggers and farmers. Things in my personal life made it necessary for me to move to a bigger and more accepting community, Thanks in part to a very good friend and his wife, this was made possible. The move as been very exciting; but scary and overwhelming at times. Although, my family knew I was gay the acceptance of my lifestyle felt more like "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" as they still made snide comments and jokes about gays in general. Being in my new surrounding and learning to be comfortable in my own skin while being introduced to others that embrace who they are has made me feel like a kid in a candy store but also like I need to hide behind someone out of the sense of needing security. As part of my exploration process, while using my experience as a radio announcer, my friend and I do a podcast every Thursday night addressing a variety of topics. I am the voice opposite Dru on The Druth. Taking yet another step in discovering and accepting who I am I launched “Loki’s Closet,” a weekly radio show on the “We Resisters Radio Network” covering topics that the LGTBQ community face on a daily basis. I am always seeking topics and ask for your help in this endeavor, what topics do you think I should talk about? Is there a topic that you think should be brought more to the forefront? I am also the moderator for “The Only Thing ‘Straight’ Here Is the Truth” a FaceBook group and also write a blog under the same title. It is my hope to educate and inspire people. I will accomplish this by sharing my personal experiences and hopefully having each of you share yours. As with anything in life not all topics discussed will be positive, however they will make you think. You cannot have the good without also acknowledging the uncomfortable issues. One person cannot make a very impactful change by themselves, however together as a team or family people will take notice.

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