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Please brothers and sisters explain to me where we think this stuff is going to get us?

Look at the Muslim sister who sued because as a flight attendant she was expected to serve alcohol when she didn’t she was fired. We have this case, where your job in the US is to transport goods and when you don’t because it is something haram then you lose your job and sue. Last example is this growing wave of Muslims trying to get Eid recognized as a national holiday. Why? Who cares if non Muslims recognize Eid as a holiday?

The issue with all of this is in my humble opinion is compulsion in our religion which is forbidden. We are forcing our beliefs on to others. We as Muslims living in non Muslim countries have to choose jobs that are permissible. We should not be trying to force others to celebrate our holiday if we are trying to take our kids out of school to celebrate Eid and the school some how isn’t allowing us, or is threatening to fail your kid then you can sue. We should also not be wasting our chances for lawsuits on us taking jobs that we know we shouldn’t be doing and when asked to do something forbidden refuse then sue.

There are too many other opportunities of real discrimination, slander, as well as liable statements. How about instead of suing companies when we take jobs that present the possibility of something haram CAIR focus on suing news agencies when they lie and cause irreparable harm to Muslims. For example when Judge Jennie Pierro went on a tirade where she said ” KILL THEM, KILL THEM, BOMB THEM ,BOMB THEM, BOMB THEM'” Right after that a man was caught on his way to the largest Muslim community in Dearborn MI with explosives and when caught and asked why he responded: ” Because Jennie Pierro told me to.”

Where are the lawsuits against Fox news Corps and Jennie Pierro for this? Why wasn’t this woman charged with a felony because free speech is not protected when it causes violence. They are already spreading lies about Islam and Muslims in the west that we are “creeping sharia” or “sneaky jihad”. So as an exaggerated example, but not too far, off lets say a Muslims takes a job as a bouncer in a strip club and refuse to stop someone from rushing the stage because it is forbidden for us to look at naked women. Then we sue the company for firing us because they didn’t respect our religious freedom, This causes more of the Islamaphobes to scream that this is proof that Muslim want us to worship like them they want laws that force men to cover their eyes when they go in to strip clubs.

We as Muslims know we can not drink or do drugs. We know we can’t see naked women or men, or eat pork, or selling these goods and services. So lets be smart and avoid jobs that provides these goods or services and make sure that we are suing to secure our rights to practice our faith unmolested and not sue to force others to believe as we do.

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