Bikers Plan Armed Protest Outside of Mosque In Arizona

Bike RallyPlease explain the purpose of this? Would any one argue that this is for the sole purpose of instigating for the sake of picking a fight? Yes they have the freedom to do this but to what end? Also if the Muslims face any aggression and they defend themselves would it be justified? I sure think so what bigoted simple minds they have. Have any one in America every seen Muslims go to Churches or synagogues with vial signs and t-shirts strapped to the teeth looking to pick a fight? Blind sheepeople allowing the elite to distract with a false enemy.

Here Is A Link to the Article: Bikers Plan Armed Protest Outside of Mosque In Arizona

Phone Interviews With Denny’s:
First Interview

Like with everything everybody wants to pass the buck:
Second Interview

Are We Ever Going To Get to the Bottom Of This?
Third Interview After A Call Back From The Denny’s Media Department


Denny’s Open 24/7 Serving families Except when Bigots need our parking lots


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