9/11 Over Coffee!
So get this I am standing in a 7/11 getting some coffee as I prepare to go to work on this 14th anniversary of 9/11 as this woman is going on and on to every one she can talk to about how the FBI has stopped a terror attack and arrested a Muslim terrorist in Florida. She would continue with how lucky we are to have them and should loosen the reigns so they can rid Merica of all the Jihadis. Now mind you I am staying quite because I haven’t had a sip of coffee yet and am afraid of what I might say. Also I found my self wondering if my wife had gone to work with me would they be having this conversation let alone say the things they were saying since she is a hijabi. Also began to wonder if they did say these things in front of my wife would I have been so reserved. I digress she makes her way around to my side of the coffee section and begins to engage me in the conversation at this point. I am still being conscious of my lack of coffee in my system and fearing the tongue lashing I might give so I quickly say ” No comment I haven’t read up on it yet and not to believe in everything you hear on the news.” Now this must have been a surprise to her that this was my response and for what every reason decides to press me. So she steps closer and says “don’t you know they hate us for our freedoms? this is why we have this horrific date forever remembered thanks to them?” I am still really not wanting to get in to it remembering NO COFFEE IN SYSTEM and I may offend someone. So I politely nod and move to the other side of the counter for some sugar even though there was sugar on the side I just left. I pour the sugar turn around to get the lid and BAM there she is again saying ” I think we should round them all up and deport them unless they convert to the American way of life.” Ok for those that know me you know what happened then right? No way I could bite my tongue on that comment damn the fact I had no coffee in my system damn her feelings or what was politically correct. I began with a simple question: Where should I go then? She looked at me puzzling and said ” what do you mean?”” I said well I am Muslim and I refuse to convert back to Christianity so where should I go?” To be honest the look was priceless I began to take my phone out to take a picture of it but it quickly turned in to a face of anger and a comment of “well if you don’t love your country a God go live with the heathens.” She stormed out of the store getting in to her pick up and drove off leaving me to finish fixing my coffee just the way I like and others just standing around acting uncomfortable. Only the clerk apologized while others got a story to go to work of a white Muslim that was told off. As I stood at the counter paying for my coffee and after the clerk apologized I took my first sip of my coffee and said loud enough for every one to hear: ” To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead” Thomas Paine and I walked out. Not knowing if any of them knew who Thomas Paine was but driving faster then the law allowed so I could research this new terror plot only to find that the ignorance and laziness of a vast majority of my fellow Americans is staggering because the news she was reporting and others were believing and participating in with out any one actually reading or researching the facts of the story is in fact not committed by a “Muslim Extremist” but a Jewish man posing as an Islamic extremist. http://forward.com/news/breaking-news/320818/florida-jewish-man-busted-for-posing-as-islamic-jihadist/



Growing up in a small little town was a unique experience. Being out as a gay male was not a wise decision being amongst loggers and farmers. Things in my personal life made it necessary for me to move to a bigger and more accepting community, Thanks in part to a very good friend and his wife, this was made possible. The move as been very exciting; but scary and overwhelming at times. Although, my family knew I was gay the acceptance of my lifestyle felt more like "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" as they still made snide comments and jokes about gays in general. Being in my new surrounding and learning to be comfortable in my own skin while being introduced to others that embrace who they are has made me feel like a kid in a candy store but also like I need to hide behind someone out of the sense of needing security. As part of my exploration process, while using my experience as a radio announcer, my friend and I do a podcast every Thursday night addressing a variety of topics. I am the voice opposite Dru on The Druth. Taking yet another step in discovering and accepting who I am I launched “Loki’s Closet,” a weekly radio show on the “We Resisters Radio Network” covering topics that the LGTBQ community face on a daily basis. I am always seeking topics and ask for your help in this endeavor, what topics do you think I should talk about? Is there a topic that you think should be brought more to the forefront? I am also the moderator for “The Only Thing ‘Straight’ Here Is the Truth” a FaceBook group and also write a blog under the same title. It is my hope to educate and inspire people. I will accomplish this by sharing my personal experiences and hopefully having each of you share yours. As with anything in life not all topics discussed will be positive, however they will make you think. You cannot have the good without also acknowledging the uncomfortable issues. One person cannot make a very impactful change by themselves, however together as a team or family people will take notice.

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