A Muslim & A Catholic

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On Tuesday, July 12, Isa Hodge and guest co-host Robert Fantina return to the airwaves after taking a break to allow Isa to take a breath a long with respecting his Religious beliefs and giving him the time to partake in Ramadan and celebrate Eid.

Returning renewed and fired up Isa and Robert will update you on what they did to continue to advocate and wake people up to the truth, we’ll give an update on how the Irish Catholic Common Cal is doing and they  will interview Gloria La Riva, the presidential candidate of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.Gloria_La_Riva

We already know a Muslim and a Catholic are able to get along without bloodshed, now is it possible for a Muslim and a Mormon do the same thing?

Find out on A Muslim and a Catholic ‘Wake Up In ‘Merica’ Tuesday nights 8:00 pm EST/5:00 pm PST. Broadcast on wakeupinmerica.com, jrevradio.com and Coffee Party USA Radio Network!

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53926_159412167432368_8218273_oIt saddens me to have to announce that my dear friend, my partner in truth, my co host Cal Curtis is taking some time off from the show do to his 3rd fight with cancer.

Cal is a fighter and with our prayers and help he will beat it again God willing. While he takes this time off to defeat this evil disease lets be respectful to him and his family by not stressing him by sending messages and phone calls. Any well wishes or prayers you wish to give him and his family can be given through my self or Loki King he will get them. Because of the special relationship Cal and I have is what makes A Muslim and a Catholic so good he is sorely missed on the show our dynamics have made the show both informational and entertaining. It is both of our wish to find a temporary replacement while he goes through this trial.

At first I wanted to find one person to do this but to be quite honest no one can fill Cal’s shoes he and I’s characteristics are unique and can not be replicated. With that being said we feel it would be interesting to have guest co hosts to rotate week after week until my buddy comes back. So any one interested in being apart of the show please message myself here or Loki King at loki@wakeupinmerica.com. This would be a great opportunity for those looking to get started in radio or those who have one but would like to try a different type of platform.

I will not lie the show will not be the same with out Cal Curtis but with the edition of new personalities and characteristics it will be interesting to say the least.

Isa HodgeIsa is a Muslim American activist fighting for the rights of all Americans and the preservation of the constitution.  He was the organizer of the Million American March Against Fear in D.C. on 9/11/2013. He was also a speaker at the Engineers and Architects for truth on 9/11 last year at their annual lecture symposium at the Sheridan Hotel in D.C. Isa was on Fox’s The Five, Sean Hannity, and Jennie Pierro show. Isa has had articles written about him in the Washington Post, US world News, and Mark Harmon white house correspondent. Various shows has him as a guest on several radio shows from Mark Edge, Alan Colmes and various libertarian radio shows to many to list as well as several conservative radio shows. Also he has had articles that were translated in to 32 languages in 32 different countries. Last year while on the various Fox shows he was able to use mass media’s tool against them and was successful in showing the hypocrisies and lies told by main stream media and was able to declare on national t.v. that Islam is not the enemy and that they do not promote, celebrate, teach, participate, or stay silent with regards to terror attacks. He is a member of Muslims 4 Liberty created and ran by Will Coley also a member of PANDA. He is currently an adviser on the Solutions institute where activists can get real help and coaches for their activities. He is a father of 3 boys and owns a family medical clinic in the urban area where they do free health clinics for various churches and rallies in his community.

Common Cal is a single father of five children. As if that does not keep him busy enough he has been a mechanic and custom car designer/builder for 31 years. Cal is also the owner of three businesses, and has two Bachelor Degrees, one in Business Marketing and one in Micro Computer Technologies.

Through his life’s journey Cal has done many exciting things, that most of us only dream about, such as being an ex-prize fighter or holding an amateur standing in Baja Racing. Cal’s love and intrigue for politics stems back to when he was very politically active back in high school and college Hence, why he and the voice opposite him Isa Hodge get along so well.

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